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Mobile RV Detailing In Salem

Do you have an RV in the Salem Oregon area that needs a good detailing? Here at Salem Mobile Detailing, we offer premium RV detailing services in Salem and surrounding areas.

Our team has years of experience when it comes to mobile auto detailing, and we would love to give your RV the deep cleaning it deserves.

We can help you with interior RV detailing, RV wash services, exterior RV detailing, and much more. We’ve got a wide range of detailing packages that are sure to help you with all of your Salem RV detailing needs.

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You can give us a call at (503) 832-4048, and one of our team members will go over our Salem RV detailing packages. From there, we’ll help you figure out which one would be best for you. Or, if you would prefer that we call you back, you can reach out to us through the free quote form on this page.

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Our RV Detailing Services

We’ve got a wide range of RV detailing services to help you get your RV looking great again. Whether you’ve got a smaller RV, or a much larger one, we can help you out. There’s no vehicle too small or large for our detailing services. We’re able to help you with smaller jobs like just doing a quick wash, all the way up to full interior and exterior detailing for your RV.

Our team’s goal is to provide Salem RV detailing services that bring your RV to as close to new as possible. A few of our services are below, but if there is something else you need help with that you don’t see here, reach out to us! A member of our team would be glad to go over our different pricing and packages to help you figure out the best option for your particular vehicle.

rv detailing salem or

Exterior RV Detailing

Interior RV Detailing

RV Wash & Wax Services

Carpet and Seat Shampoo and Vacuum

Clay Bar Treatments

RV Paint Correction

Ceramic Coating

And Much More!

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Trusted Mobile RV Detailing Services In Salem OR

After plenty of time out on the road, an RV can get pretty dirty, both inside and out. That’s where our RV detailing services in Salem OR come in. We’re able to restore your RV to a great condition, and we’ll come to you.

Our interior RV detailing services include things like vacuuming, carpet and seat shampooing, pet hair removal, interior cleaning/sanitizing/protecting, and much more.

When it comes to our exterior RV detailing services, we can help you with things like washing, clay bar treatment, waxing, paint correction, and much more.

mobile rv detailing salem or
mobile rv detailing services salem or

We believe in providing the highest quality, most thorough, detailing services you can find.

On top of that, we can customize our RV detailing services to suit whatever your specific needs are.

If you want to get started on your free Salem RV detailing quote today, reach out to us!

You can call us at (503) 832-4048, or you can reach out to us through the free quote form on this page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Our RV detailing services are completely mobile, so we’re able to come to you wherever you’re located.

Do you offer same day mobile RV detailing services?

Due to the size of most RV detailing jobs, we are not able to provide same day services. We’ll have to schedule out in advance to make sure we’re able to provide the time and attention to get your RV detailed properly.

How much do you charge for a RV detail?

A lot of this depends on the size of the RV, and the services that are needed. Some services could be as low as $200, but could also go up over $500 depending upon what you need. To give you the best estimate, give us a call today so we can get an idea of what your needs are.

How long does the average RV detail take?

Depending on the services being done, we usually estimate that it could take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours to perform services. Simpler services like a quick wash will be shorter, while full interior and exterior RV detailing can take much longer.

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