Get A Taste Of History And Art At The Oregon State Capitol Building In Salem Oregon

The Oregon Capitol Building is located in the heart of Salem Oregon, the state’s capital. The state capitol building is actually the third capitol building the city of Salem has had. Unfortunately, the first and second capitol buildings were lost to fires, and the existing capitol building was constructed in 1938.

Salem’s capitol building is designed in an art deco style, which many visitors describe as much different to other capitol buildings in the US. The building is constructed of marble, and throughout the building there are plenty of art exhibits for visitors to check out.

We’ll go over a few of the highlights of the building, and go over why we think it’s a great place to visit in Salem Oregon.

Interior Tours

While the exterior of the state capitol is very interesting, there is plenty to see on the inside of the building. As of writing this, parts of the building are closed for renovation, but depending upon when you go there should be interior sections of the building to check out.

Free guided tours are available to visitors, and they will walk you through the building, the history, and the many art and design pieces throughout. There are plenty of historically significant aspects to the interior of the building, and visitors can see where the government of Oregon operates.

Capitol Tours

Outside the state capitol there is plenty to see around the building, and in the parks as well. The grounds of the capitol cover three city blocks, and contain a couple of primary parks. There’s the Wilson park surrounding the capitol building, and across the street is the Oregon State Capitol State park.

Each park has plenty of walking space to check out the many views of the exterior of the building as well as many art installations. Throughout the parks there are sculptures, fountains, memorials, and much more. Across the street in the Oregon State Capitol State Park, there are also walking areas with sculptures along with a great view of the capitol building.

Surrounding Attractions

There are also many fun things to do in Salem Oregon within a few blocks of the capitol building. One highlight that is only a couple blocks away is the Hallie Ford Museum Of Art. Inside they have displays of historic, regional, and modern art for visitors to see.

There’s plenty to see and do in the city of Salem Oregon, and we highly encourage visitors to check out the state capitol building and its grounds. We’re sure it will be a fun and interesting trip for anybody touring the area.

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