Fun Things To Do In Salem Oregon

Whether you live in Salem, or you’re just passing through there are tons of things to do in Salem. Today, we’ll cover 5 attractions you can find around Salem that are great for adults and children alike.

Salem Oregon is the capital of Portland, and is the third largest city in the state. It’s located in the center of the Willamette Valley along the Willamette River. As of 2019, Salem Oregon has a population of over 174,000, but the entire metropolitan area of Salem has a population of over 400,000.

Given that the entire Salem Oregon metro area covers well over 100 square miles, there’s plenty to do. So, if you want to learn about some fun things to do in Salem Oregon, stick around as we’ll be covering 5 things you can do in the area.

Visit The Oregon State Capitol

Located in Salem Oregon, the state capitol building is a beautiful place to spend time touring around. Not only are there plenty of things to do inside the building, but there are plenty of parks and other attractions surrounding it. Both inside and outside of the capitol building there are plenty of art exhibits that you can take in.

Surrounding the capitol building there are many parks including the East Capitol Park, the West Wilson Park, the Oregon State Capitol State Park, and just south you can find the campus of Willamette University. All of these attractions in one area give you plenty of options when touring around the capitol.

Willamette Heritage Center

Just a few blocks from the state capitol building, you can find the Willamette Heritage Center. Their aim is to preserve the history of the Willamette valley area, and provide exhibits and interactive programs. On their five acre campus they also have shops, art studios, and offices.

There are many early settlement buildings for visitors to explore, to see what life was like in the 1800s in Salem Oregon. Additionally, there are examples of a once leading textile factory where visitors can get a sense of what it was like to work in these factories in the past.

Gilbert House Children’s Museum

For a more family friendly option, visitors can take their children to the Gilbert House Children’s Museum. Located in downtown Salem’s Riverfront Park, the museum has plenty of engaging activities that allow children to learn while having fun. The museum is named after A.C. Gilbert, who (among many other things) was the inventor of the Erector Set. That spirit lives on in the Gilbert House Children’s Museum with its 20,000 square foot outdoor discovery area.

Riverfront City Park

Sitting on the Willamette River is the Riverfront City Park. The park has plenty of walking trails, great views, and attractions throughout the park. Some of the most notable attractions are the Gilbert House Children’s Museum, the Salem Riverfront Carousel, playgrounds, and amphitheaters. Depending upon when you visit, events are also hosted in the many green spaces of the park.

Minto-Brown Island Park

If you’re more into hiking, walking, and nature then the Minto-Brown Island Park is for you. Located just west of the Riverfront City Park, the Minto-Brown Island Park has over 800 acres of wooded areas, trails, picnic areas, and much more. The park runs along the Willamette River on one side, and there is beautiful scenery throughout.

Those are just a handful of fun Salem Oregon attractions. We hope you and your family gets out to explore the city of Salem Oregon today.

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