When Is The Best Time To Detail Your Car?

Routinely detailing your car is important to ensure that it continues to be protected through every season. But when is the best time to detail your car?

Ideally we recommend getting your vehicle detailed at least once every quarter. That comes out to about once every three months or so.

When you do that, you’ll be cleaning off any contaminants from your vehicle’s paint, and then also keeping it protected with another coat of wax. Regularly doing this will make sure that the paint on your vehicle is sealed and protected against the elements.

Let’s say you don’t want to invest the time or money in detailing your car every quarter. We know that if you hire a Salem auto detailing company, that can get quite expensive depending on the services you’re getting. In that case, we recommend at least a couple times per year.

Depending on where you live will determine the best times to detail your vehicle, but we recommend doing it before and after the months where the weather will be the most aggressive.

In Salem Oregon, we generally recommend that you detail your car at least before and after the winter.

when is the best time to detail your car

This is because the winter months can definitely be a bit harsher to a vehicle’s paint when you start factoring in snow, rain, road debris, and much more.

When you detail a car and apply a coat of wax, you’re adding an additional protective layer to the exterior of your vehicle. This will help to keep your vehicle protected before you go into the winter months.

Then once winter is over, you can detail your car again to remove any of the dirt, debris, salt, or anything else that has made it onto the exterior of your vehicle. It’s important to remove those contaminants after winter, because if they sit on your vehicle’s paint they could potentially cause more damage over time.

Why Is It Important To Detail Your Car Regularly?

The reasons you want to detail your car regularly (outside of the car looking great), come down to a couple of things.

On the one hand, if you let contaminants sit on the exterior of your vehicle, on the wheels, on the components of the car, etc, they can wear things down over time. Not only will they cause scratches and swirl marks, but they can also embed themselves in the clear coat. In some cases, any exposed metal can start to rust faster if not protected.

On the other hand, keeping your car protected and cleaned will help retain its value. If you’re ever thinking about reselling your vehicle, maintaining it both inside and outside will help you get more money when you end up selling it.


Detailing your car is important for a variety of reasons. We always recommend getting your car detailed by a local Salem auto detailing company regularly, but you can always invest the time to do it yourself.

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